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“Waste is a design flaw. As in nature, it doesn’t exist.”
National Geographic, March 2020

ESG Develops Circular Economy Carbon-Negative Integrated Food-Energy-Waste (FEW) Systems That Are Scalable And can be Replicated Worldwide

ESG is focused on building a network of organic crop factories with on-site Food-Energy-Waste and Renewable Energy systems, thereby eliminating 1/3 of the cost of food spent on energy.

Identifying sources of energy that are cost effective, do not pollute, nor have a negative impact on the environment requires a paradigm shift – a rethinking of how we achieve a similar energy output from fossil fuels.

ESG provides responsible, radical, renewable, and resilient solutions.

Latest Spotlight

Without the costs of energy, ESG’s margins are far greater than grid-energy-reliant operations, benefiting investors and consumers alike. ESG’s systems are scalable and can be replicated worldwide. A carbon-negative, renewable energy circular model is not only good business, it’s essential for the health of the planet.
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