Helping Customers Achieve
Carbon Negative / Net Zero Status

Do you want to help tackle climate change, drive down your energy costs, and increase your bottom line? ESG is here to help. 

Empire State Greenhouses is proud to announce the launch of our Energy Services and Solutions, dedicated to helping our clients achieve Carbon Negative / Net Zero status in their endeavors. 

The ESG Team

ESG is the collaborative initiative of deeply committed specialists.

The ESG team is an industry leader in understanding the nexus between energy and the entire food supply chain. We have solved the problems that everyone in the industry is facing. We understand both what works and what has failed, and we can leverage the lessons we have learned to help other companies across multiple industries and verticals achieve the same goals to convert energy from a major cost element to a competitive advantage by investing in the equipment, infrastructure, technologies, and processes necessary to become net zero energy and, in some cases, even achieving carbon negative.

The team brings over a decade of experience advising, evaluating, designing, financing, and/or building over a thousand renewable energy projects using virtually every economically and technologically viable renewable energy and energy technology while also evaluating and rejecting dozens of other products and technologies that didn’t make the cut. Along the way, we have worked on projects in over a dozen states ranging from commercial to utility scale, serving business, agricultural, education, government, and utility customers for both greenfield and retrofit projects.

ESG is an agnostic systems integrator, selecting the best technologies, practices, experts, and partners from around the world. ESG’s designs are complex and require professionals with significant experience in the interplay of technologies essential to the success of large-scale integrated energy and agriculture projects.

Team members have management consulting experience at firms including Deloitte, KPMG, and Ernst & Young, with strengths in renewable energy systems design and construction; sustainable agriculture; project finance; managing, transporting, and marketing commodities; supply chain; audit; and government relations.

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Core Technologies

  • Solar PV & Thermal

  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Gas Generators

  • Biogas Production Via Gasifiers and/or Anaerobic Digesters

  • Islanding Microgrid Controllers & Switchgear

  • Electrical & Thermal Energy Storage

  • Waste to Energy

  • Design / Redesign of   Systems and Processes for Efficiency & Reduction of Waste

  • Real-Time Circuit Level Monitoring & Control Systems

  • Electric & Bio-Fueled Vehicles & Equipment

  • N + 1 Redundancy

  • Composting

Get in touch

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and how ESG can help you achieve Carbon Negative / Net Zero status.
Without the costs of energy, ESG’s margins are far greater than grid-energy-reliant operations, benefiting investors and consumers alike. ESG’s systems are scalable and can be replicated worldwide. A carbon-negative, renewable energy circular model is not only good business, it’s essential for the health of the planet.