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Empire State Greenhouses is poised to build its first 100% renewable energy-powered, carbon negative, certified organic crop factory.

By producing all the renewable energy needed for our facility on-site, by using waste-to-energy systems to create clean energy and nourish our produce, we are unlocking significant margins benefiting consumers and investors alike.

ESG’s advanced system of controlled environment agriculture, automated growing systems, and strict organic practices in a carbon negative facility will grow far more high-quality produce, near major markets, in far less space than conventional means thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

The manure-to-energy anaerobic biogas digester will convert dairy farm waste from the surrounding region into a biogas which yields a renewable natural gas (methane), a fertilizer (CO2) for our greenhouses which yield oxygen and produce multiple revenue streams.

We have gone even further in developing our circular system. We will also produce PHA, which are biodegradable, biocompatible plastics, that will be used to package our daily 40,000 pounds of produce and serve other customers.

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Located in Cobleskill, New York and designed with an emphasis on food security, the new facility will deliver 40,000 pounds / 20 tons of fresher, higher-quality produce more quickly and less expensively than current means, to nearby major urban markets every weekday.